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Turbo Air Refrigeration Gasket # 30223L0211 – Sized 25 1/2" x 53 1/2" For TurboAir Unit Model # TSR-72D

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We ship a rectangular gasket that consists of 4 sides and inner magnet

This is just a cut of the profile. Actual gasket contains 4 sides and inner magent 

OEM Part #30223L0211
Commonly Fits Model #'s: MSF49NM, MSR-23NM, MSF-23NM, TSF-23SD, TSR23, TSR-23SD ,TSR-23D, TSR49, TSR-49D, TSR-49SD, TSR72, TSR-72D, TSR-72SD, TSRF-23, TSRF-23D, TSRF-23SD, TSRF-49, TSF-49D, TSR-49D, TSRF-49SD, TSRF-72, TSRF-72D, TSRF-72SD, KR481AS, KR74, KR741AS, KF241AS, MSF49, TSF23, TSF49, CCR72TF, TR492, MSR23NM, CCR49DF, TR231, TR231SSS, TR492SSS, TSR49, TSF23D, CCR72TR, MSR49NM, CCR23SF, CCR23SR, WCR23SR, TSF23SD, KF481AS, TSF49SD, TSR72SD, TSR23D, TSR23SD, TSR49D, TF492SSS, TSF49D, TSR49SD
RHS Part #67-014
Other Notes: 4 sided

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